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Tourist and entertainment places in Alanya, Türkiye

Tourist and entertainment places in Alanya, Türkiye Alanya is one of the beautiful and touristic coastal cities in the south of Turkey, which has attracted many tourists due to its beautiful nature, various hotels and restaurants, and its safe and beautiful beaches. Alanya is a part of Antalya Province, which is bordered by the Taurus Mountains from the north, the Mediterranean Sea from the south, Gazi...

محله های آلانیا

Introducing the neighborhoods of Alanya

Introducing the neighborhoods of Alanya In this article, we will comprehensively introduce the neighborhoods of Alanya city and its regions, Alanya city is one of the most popular cities for Iranians to travel and emigrate, and many people from all over the world travel to this city every year. A question that is asked a lot is which of the neighborhoods of Alanya city is suitable for living. To better...

آلانیا بهتره یا آنتالیا

Is Alanya or Antalya better?

Is Alanya or Antalya better? In this article, we answer one of the frequently asked questions of Hello Home contacts who are planning to immigrate to southern Turkey. Stay with us. To answer this question, first of all, these two cities should be compared in terms of climate, geographical area and tourist attractions. In the end, it is your taste and interests that will choose the best. Comparison of the...

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Life in Alanya

Life in Alanya About Alanya One of the tourist centers of Turkey is Alanya, which is connected to Antalya at a distance of approximately 135 km from the center of Antalya. Alanya Ghazi Pasha Airport has been serving citizens and travelers since 2012 and is 45 km away from Alanya city center. Formed on a small peninsula with the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the...

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House prices in Alanya, Turkey

House prices in Alanya, Turkey From the beginning of 2022, considering the huge demand for buying houses in Turkey, especially in cities such as Antalya and Alanya, a significant price increase occurred at once, and the war between Russia and Ukraine, which caused a huge influx of people from Russia and Ukraine to Turkey, again caused Most of the prices went up, and because there is a huge demand for...

زندگی و مهاجرت به آلانیا

Life and migration to Alanya

Life and migration to Alanya Alanya has recently become one of the most touristic cities in Turkey and living and immigrating to Alanya has been highly favored by many people from different countries. Also, in recent years, many people have moved to this city to live. In the past twenty years, Turkey has become one of the best immigration destinations, especially for Iranians, and currently thousands of...

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