About car hooding and traveling by private car to Türkiye

درباره کاپوتاژ ماشین و سفر با خودرو شخصی به ترکیه

About car hooding and traveling by private car to Türkiye

Many people prefer to use a private car to travel, and with this choice, they find the possibility to visit the route and natural scenery, visit the cities, and get to know people with different food and culture. But how to travel from Iran to Turkey with a personal vehicle is a question that comes to the minds of these adventurous people. Traveling to Turkey by private car is very attractive and in this article we will help you to know the first step of doing this.

Car hood

Cabotage is a permit obtained from the customs office for the car to leave the country.

Necessary documents for the hood of the car

  • Car ID card, which is a green card.
    • Car ownership document
    • Car card
    • International driving license (valid for one year or three years)
    • Car insurance policy
    • Passport and a copy of its first page with six months validity
    • National card
    • Having a personal car
    • Payment of expenses

international certificate

The second step is to get an international certificate from the tourism and automobile driving center, which must be obtained by people who drive.

Documents required to receive an international certificate

To drive in a foreign country, you need to get an international driver’s license that is valid for one or three years. International certificates cannot be renewed and a new certificate must be requested after its validity expires.

The original valid driver’s license of the Islamic Republic with a validity of at least one month and three days, to obtain a one-year international license, and with a validity of three years or more to obtain a three-year international license.

  • Previous international driver’s license (if you have already received an international driver’s license and it is still valid)
  • The original or copy of the first page of the valid passport
  • A full-face photo piece with a white background that must be worn by women.
  • Complete the application form in Farsi and English.
  • Paying the announced fees, which are different for obtaining a one-year and three-year certificate.

Other costs related to the hood of the car

In addition to the cost of gasoline and insurance policy (green card), there are other things to consider. Including:

IR sticker fee, membership card fee, international license plate fee, vehicle ownership booklet fee

What are the land borders of Iran and Türkiye?

Bazargan border, cypress border, Razi border

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