Introducing the neighborhoods of Alanya

محله های آلانیا

Introducing the neighborhoods of Alanya

In this article, we will comprehensively introduce the neighborhoods of Alanya city and its regions, Alanya city is one of the most popular cities for Iranians to travel and emigrate, and many people from all over the world travel to this city every year.

A question that is asked a lot is which of the neighborhoods of Alanya city is suitable for living. To better answer this question, we will first introduce the neighborhoods of the city and finally tell our own experience of living in this city.

There are areas in this city that have a larger Turkish population and are called Turkish-resident areas, and on the other hand, there are areas where more foreigners live, where the prices of houses for rent or purchase are naturally much higher.

What we should pay attention to is that in general this city and all its neighborhoods are beautiful with a close distance to the sea and complexes with full facilities that are unmatched throughout Turkey.

Introducing the neighborhoods of Alanya


This area is located 130 km from Alanya and 45 km from Gazi Pasha Alanya Airport. Buildings in this area are generally villas and residential complexes. Old houses and new complexes have been built in the coastal area. The famous beach of Cleopatra, Damlatash in this area is of interest to tourists and residents.

Commercial and administrative centers, insurance companies are located in the city center. There are many restaurants with traditional Turkish, Asian and European dishes in this area. For those who are interested in nightlife, famous night clubs and bars are ready to work in this area.

Alanya Castle, which is located on the mountain, archaeological museum, ancient mosques, very beautiful caves and water park are also in this area. Proximity to shopping centers, universities and city amenities are among the features of this area. The main square of the city is Ataturk Square in this area.

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The first area after Demirtas to enter Alanya is Kargijak.

Kargijak region with a coastline length of 4500 meters and an area of 1800 hectares hosts tourists and residents who have traveled to this region from different European countries.

The sandy beach and unique bays and blue sky in this area attract many nature lovers.

The beautiful and luxurious hotels of Kargijak welcome many tourists all spring and summer.

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Oba is one of the vast areas of Alanya, which is located in the northeast of this city.

This area is divided into northern and southern Oba by the cevre youl belt.

Investing in this region, which is one of the regions called Alanya, is very profitable for investors.

North Oba, which is located at a height that will amaze you with the view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and Alanya Castle.

City amenities such as schools, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, etc. in this area provide comfort for those who intend to live in Alanya for a long time.

The tourism area of Dim Chai and Dim River with beautiful clubs and restaurants is in this area.

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About the city of Alanya


cikcili is the choice of those who want peace and facilities together.

The highway youl, which connects Antalya and Ghazi Pasha, passes through the heart of Cikcili. From the terrace of Cikcili Park you will see the view of the whole city of Alanya.

cikcli brings all urban amenities for its residents.

University, hospital, public schools of all levels, health center, popular shopping center of Alanya (Alanium), supermarket and Saturday market.

With a 15-minute walk, you can reach the forest or the sea. Easy access to the beaches and restaurants of cikcili bars are among the attractions of this area.

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After Mahmutlar area, if we move towards Alania, we will reach Tosmur, which is one of the popular tourist areas. Beaches and recreational facilities such as jet skiing, parachuting, parasailing have increased the attraction of tourism in this area.

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12 kilometers east of the center of Alanya, Mahmutlar district is located, between Kestel and Kargijak districts. This area, which has seen significant growth in construction in recent years, has attracted the attention of many builders.

Mahmutlar, the beating heart of Alanya city, has provided good conditions for those who intend to live in Alanya for a long time with urban amenities such as many restaurants, chain stores, fruit markets, family doctors and schools.

Sandy beaches and large hotels and numerous restaurants, the density of towers and beautiful buildings in this area have attracted the attention of many tourists and this area is very beautiful and full of life in all seasons.

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This area is one of the most modernized areas of Alanya, which was completely built based on the principles of modern urban planning. This has attracted the attention of many investors to the property. The existence of a long coastline and luxurious hotels and urban amenities, including Ki Qabad University, public transportation service and easy access to the city center, and a large number of beautiful complexes and the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea make this region unique for foreigners.

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This area is 25 km away from Alanya city and is one of the western areas of this city. The uniform sandy beach is one of the distinctive features of this area. The beautiful beach of INCEKUM, which is known as the golden beach, is of interest to tourists and residents of nearby cities during the tourist season.

There are luxury hotels and beach entertainment and nightlife, water park and dolphinarium in Avsalar. The properties in this area are villas with old structures and modern apartments. There are chain stores (Migros, Carrefour, Beam, Shock, etc.) in this area for the well-being of the residents, the city of SIDE with its historical buildings located in the vicinity of this area is attractive for those interested in historical places.

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This area is located in the east of Alanya and 15 km from Gazi Pasha Airport. Near this area, there are remains of the Roman city of Sider and a unique pristine beach that is highly recommended to visit.

This area is far from the noisy flow of tourists and is an attractive place for those who are looking for peace and life near the pleasant nature. For those who are looking for long-term investment, this area is very profitable with cheap land and prospects of growth and development.

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In the northern part of the city of Alanya, there is Bektash and Tepe region, which is at the foothills of Mount Tross, and the unique view of the sea, the castle and the city of Alanya is very spectacular from here. Residents of this area are mostly local, villas and buildings in this area are highly attractive for foreigners. There are many local restaurants in this area, and our suggestion is local and traditional Turkish breakfasts.

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12 km west of Alanya, there is a residential area of Konakli with a sandy and pebble beach, in this area is the reptile beach and the old Sharapsa caravanserai.

The stores are generally small and suitable for tourists. Cafes and restaurants with international cuisine and discos and clubs are very popular among young tourists. Karting and a small golf club and water park and dolphinarium are located near Konakli in Avsalar. The properties are generally in the form of luxurious villa complexes with vast lands with mountain and sea views. Only low-rise buildings are allowed to be built in this area, and because of this, the price of buildings is generally higher than in other areas.

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final word

Each neighborhood of Alanya city has its own beauty and all these neighborhoods are suitable for living and it completely depends on your taste, for example, you want to be near the sea or near the mountains, or close to the city center and its hustle and bustle, or in the area Live more quietly.

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