Tourist and entertainment places in Alanya, Türkiye

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Tourist and entertainment places in Alanya, Türkiye

Alanya is one of the beautiful and touristic coastal cities in the south of Turkey, which has attracted many tourists due to its beautiful nature, various hotels and restaurants, and its safe and beautiful beaches.

Alanya is a part of Antalya Province, which is bordered by the Taurus Mountains from the north, the Mediterranean Sea from the south, Gazi Pasha from the east, and Manavgat and Side from the west.

In the past, Alania was a part of the Iranian Empire, which later came under the rule of the Greeks and Romans, and during the period of the Eastern Roman Empire, they gave this region the nickname of the Beautiful Mountain. This city gained great political importance in the region during the reign of Aladdin Ki Qabad, who was one of the Seljuk kings, and the name of the city was changed to “Alaiyeh” after the name of this king. Many historical and scenic attractions from the time of Sultan Kiqbad have remained in Alanya. Including: Shipyard and Alanya Castle and Red Tower. The Ottoman Empire conquered this city in 1471 AD.

Alanya tourism

Alanya is one of the most touristic cities in Turkey, which has many historical and touristic places and many tourists from all over the world are attracted to it every year. Most tourists come from Germany, Denmark, Scandinavian countries and Russia. Due to its sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate, Alanya has a high income from the tourism sector.

At the first glance of Alanya, the Seljuk castle, which is one of the remains of the 13th century Sultan Aladdin Ki Qabad, is visible, which is one of the oldest castles in the world.

This castle has places like: It includes Aya Yorgi Church, Sultan Suleiman Kouni Mosque, Seljuk Bath, ancient places, City Zainab Tomb, Sultan Aladdin Palace, small and large reservoirs, lighthouse and prison. Another historical place in Alanya is the historical octagonal tower of Kizil Kole, which has a unique beauty. Among other beautiful places of this city, we can mention Phosphorus Cave, which was the place of captivity of women by pirates. Also Damlatash Cave, Girls’ Cave and Lovers’ Cave.

Next to this cave, there is an anthropological museum, which many tourists like to visit. In the eastern part of Alanya, there is Dim Chai resort, which has many restaurants similar to Derka and Darband, where many Iranians and Europeans like to spend time. Cleopatra beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches that many people visit and spend a lot of time playing, swimming and sunbathing there.

Along the coast of Alanya, there are various restaurants and shops, also Alanya has centers selling handicrafts, clothing and leather products, jewelry, boutiques and various clothing stores, etc.

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