Life in Alanya

زندگی در آلانیا

Life in Alanya

About Alanya

One of the tourist centers of Turkey is Alanya, which is connected to Antalya at a distance of approximately 135 km from the center of Antalya. Alanya Ghazi Pasha Airport has been serving citizens and travelers since 2012 and is 45 km away from Alanya city center.

Formed on a small peninsula with the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the history of this region dates back to the Upper Paleolithic. Alanya, which was connected to Antalya in 1868 and became part of this province in 1871, has many historical and natural beauties.

Why the city of Alanya?

Alanya city It is famous for its long coastline, which is completely sandy, a city full of energy and peace, where people from every nationality in the world live in this city, and the pleasant and famous sun of this city, which is another reason for welcoming people to travel and immigrate to this city. Many immigrants live in this beautiful city and anyone who enters this city for the first time is fascinated by its beauty, peace and security, the natives of this city are very hospitable and friendly to foreigners and they know the reason for growth and making money. They depend on these foreigners.

Advantages of living in Alanya

If you are thinking about living in Turkey, it is good to take a look at the benefits of living in Alanya, along with big and well-known cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, maybe you chose to live in this warm and sunny city.

Unparalleled climate, reasonable cost of living, reasonable cost of buying a property to obtain residence or citizenship, multiculturalism and natural and historical attractions of Alanya are the main advantages of living in Alanya, which we will discuss below:

  • Alanya weather: For many people, the first feature for choosing a place of residence is its weather. If you are one of those people who are looking for mild weather in winter and warm weather and bright sun in summer so that you can relax by the sunny beach during the day or swim in the sea and sit in street cafes until the end of the night, it is likely that Very, living in Alanya is the right option for you.
  • Cost of living in Alanya: Alanya city has fertile land due to its pleasant climate and many food items are produced from vegetables, herbs and fruits in this city. On the other hand, fish and other sea foods are one of the main dishes of this coastal city, which are always plentiful and available. Therefore, in general, the cost of food in this city is more suitable than other cities in Turkey. Of course, this depends on your lifestyle and many of the items in this city are not different from other cities in Turkey.
  • Reasonable cost of buying a property in Alanya to obtain residency and citizenship: As mentioned above, about 30% of properties bought by foreigners in Turkey belong to the city of Alanya. This statistic is very exceptional and shows that investors, who are mostly European and also residents of some Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, have found this city suitable for long-term investment.
  • Cultural and linguistic diversity: Although Turkey is generally a tourist country and many of its regions are used to the presence of tourists from different countries and cultures, Alanya is a little different from other regions. Tourists and immigrants living in this city are mostly European, and at the same time, it also has tourists and immigrants from other countries, such as Arab countries and Iran. For this reason, the urban space of Alanya is more flexible to different cultures and beliefs. In Alanya, unlike other Turkish cities, most of the local people are multilingual and know at least a little English, Arabic and even Farsi. The tourist side of Alanya is so strong that even its shopping centers often accept commonly used currencies such as dollars, euros and pounds instead of lira.
  • Natural, historical and cultural attractions: Alanya. Alanya is a historical city that, in addition to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, has many historical and recreational attractions that make you always have an attractive option to spend your free time and have fun, whether you travel to this city as a tourist or want to live there.

The population of Alanya

According to the statistics of 2021, the population of Alanya is 350,636 people.

This population includes 177,093 men and 173,543 women.
As a percentage: 50.51% are men, 49.49% are women.

life in alanya

Cost of living in Alanya

The cost of living in Alanya and the explanations about it will be a lot because it is a comparative state both in terms of quantity and quality, if we calculate the ratio of Iran and want to take it into account and add quality to it, maybe a lot It doesn’t matter if we want to compare with Istanbul.

In general, living in Turkey has costs for us, which may be a bit strange, for example, the price of gasoline is 28 lira per liter, which is about 60 thousand tomans, but the price of a car is much cheaper than in Iran, and maybe about a third of Iran. Is.

Buying a house in this city is cheaper than in Iran or Istanbul, for example, newly built one-bedroom houses start from about 70 thousand euros, and two-bedroom houses start from about 120 thousand euros. with the difference that these houses are mostly in very big and beautiful towns with excellent and full facilities.

Other costs of water and electricity or food and internet are almost the same all over Turkey, but while this city is a tourist, you will not face exorbitant costs, and if you manage your expenses and buy from reputable stores with daily discounts, you can easily live

In the end, the living expenses of each person or family are different from each other, and the lifestyle of families causes a lot of differences in expenses due to its different direction, so we will answer your specialized questions in this field and can provide detailed advice. To contact us, contact us from the contact section.

Alanya shopping centers and the cheapest shopping centers in Alanya

The largest and only current shopping center in Alanya city is Alanium Commercial Complex, this large shopping center is located in Cikjili area, where all brands have branches, and a large food court is also located on the top floor. Of course, all brands have branches on Ataturk Boulevard in Alanya and Barbaros Boulevard in Mahmutlar, and it is also full of restaurants and cafes where you can have fun and shop.

Now, many people have questions, where are the cheap centers where we can make good purchases?

Taht Kale branches, 82-year-old Pazari and Tespo branches are very suitable for shopping, especially household necessities, it is better to buy from these chain stores. Also, hypermarkets like Metro can have a good shopping experience, especially because they sometimes offer good discounts. For daily shopping, it is better to buy from chain stores such as A101, Migros, Beam and Shock.

For online shopping, don’t forget the two websites of Trendol and Hepsi Borada.

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