Property transfer and related laws in Türkiye


Property transfer and related laws in Türkiye

If you are planning to buy property in different cities of Turkey, you will avoid possible losses by having enough knowledge about this issue. You can find out all the details in this text.

One of the most important things when buying and selling property is the method of transferring the document. To legally transfer a property document in Turkey, the following steps are followed.

Property valuation by an expert

Determining the value of a home is the first thing you should do when buying. This work is followed up by the real estate agency that cooperates with you, and after checking the location, the expert will issue a report in which the value of the property is written in dollars.

The remarkable thing about property pricing in Turkey by the government expert is that the price determined by the expert is not much different from the real price of the property. Therefore, there is no possibility of unreasonable offers by the property owners and the customer can buy the desired property with confidence.


After the buyer likes the desired property with our guidance and its price is determined by the expert, he pays an amount as a down payment and will receive a receipt for it, and a contract is written in the real estate office between the buyer and the seller. Finally, after five days, when all the required documents are prepared, the Tepo office gives time to transfer the document and the buyer and seller come for the final signature. Among these documents, the foreign exchange form that the buyer prepares from the bank, Bashoro form, etc., by choosing HELLOHOME real estate agency, we will prepare all the items and you will not have to worry.

Document registration fee

The cost of transferring the document is usually borne by the buyer, which includes 4% tax and the cost of a translator and a few other minor items, which vary from 15,000 liras to 16,000 euros for passport items, depending on the price of the purchased property.

Tapu or property transfer document in Türkiye

Tapu is the property document. In recent years, the form and appearance of these documents have changed a little, and with the addition of a QR code, the security of transactions has increased dramatically.

The site of Alanya City Tapu Administration

Types of real estate documents in Türkiye

There are two types of documents that are marked with red and blue colors. The blue document is related to the empty plot of land and the red document is related to the residential and office property.

 Property transfer and related laws in Türkiye

The information mentioned in Tapu

In the property deed, there are several pieces of information that we have explained in detail, and you should pay attention to these things in order to transfer the property deed in Turkey:

  • State (ili)
  • district, district or city (ilçesi)
  • The Neighbourhood (Mahallesi)
  • Village and town (Köyü)
  • Avenue (Sokagi)
  • Location (Mevkii)
  • page number (Pafta No.)
  • Block number (Ada No.)
  • piece number (Parsel No.)
  • Type of real estate (Niteligi)
  • Total land area (Yüzölçümü)
  • Boundaries around the property (Siniri)
  • Biometric photo of the owner of the document (Fotograf)
  • Ready-to-use properties such as offices, houses and apartments (Kat Mülkiyeti)
  • Owning a unit that is not ready for use (Kat Irtifaki)
  • Fractional and temporary ownership that belongs to a person only in a certain period (Devre Mülk)
  • The actual purchase price of the property (Satis bedeli)
  • share of land (Arsa Payi)
  • Block number, building (Blok No.)
  • floor number (Kat No.)
  • unit number (Bagimsiz bölüm No.)
  • The reason for the sale and transfer of the property, the name of the previous owner and the method of transfer (Edinme sebebi)
  • Details of the current owner/owners of the property (Sahibi)
  • Previous ownership registration number (Sira No.)
  • Transfer date (Tarihi)
  • Numbers related to properties in the register (Cilt No.Binder No. / Sahife No. / Yevmiye No.)
  • Signature of the tapu registration by the head of the tapu office or qualified persons (Siciline uygundur)

Necessary documents for the transfer of real estate documents in Türkiye

To transfer a property deed in Turkey, you will need the following documents:

  • Submitting the termination sheet and settlement of taxes and municipal fees
  • Property document or confirmation letter from the document registration organization with complete details such as address, area and location of the property with coordinates.
  • Two new biometric photos of the buyer and the seller
  • Mandatory earthquake insurance for villas, houses, apartments and offices
  • Passport with official translation in Turkish
  • The original and copy of the power of attorney along with the official translation approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice of the issuing country
  • The presence of a simultaneous translator (if the parties to the contract do not speak Istanbul Turkish)
  • Official translation of birth certificate or national card of the buyer

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