Buying a house in alanya


Property transfer and related laws in Türkiye

Property transfer and related laws in Türkiye If you are planning to buy property in different cities of Turkey, you will avoid possible losses by having enough knowledge about this issue. You can find out all the details in this text. One of the most important things when buying and selling property is the method of transferring the document. To legally transfer a property document in Turkey, the...

قیمت خانه در آلانیا

House prices in Alanya, Turkey

House prices in Alanya, Turkey From the beginning of 2022, considering the huge demand for buying houses in Turkey, especially in cities such as Antalya and Alanya, a significant price increase occurred at once, and the war between Russia and Ukraine, which caused a huge influx of people from Russia and Ukraine to Turkey, again caused Most of the prices went up, and because there is a huge demand for...

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