House prices in Alanya, Turkey

قیمت خانه در آلانیا

House prices in Alanya, Turkey 

From the beginning of 2022, considering the huge demand for buying houses in Turkey, especially in cities such as Antalya and Alanya, a significant price increase occurred at once, and the war between Russia and Ukraine, which caused a huge influx of people from Russia and Ukraine to Turkey, again caused Most of the prices went up, and because there is a huge demand for buying property and on the other hand, the amount of available houses is very limited, these factors caused the growth of house prices in 2022.

It is better to know that before 2022, house prices in Alanya or other Turkish cities did not experience such price growth for about 5 years, but from 2022, with the change in prices Buying a house in Alanya It caused the number of house rents to increase significantly.

In the current situation and according to the existing demand and the transactions that are being carried out daily, even with the excessive increase in prices, there is no hope for the prices to fall, and it is even possible considering that it may happen soon. Alanya city become a province and this factor alone will increase the price again.

House prices in Alanya, Turkey

In the last year, the price of houses in Alanya has experienced at least 100% price increase, and yet the buying and selling market is still very hot.

The average price of ready-made houses with less than 5 years of construction last year in the city of Alanya was between 700 and 1000 euros, which has changed over time since 2022, and now that we are in July 2022, the price of a 50-meter apartment is zero. It is newly built in a complex with full facilities for about 130 thousand euros.

Of course, you should note that you can always own a healthy property in Alanya with lower prices, but naturally, this property is located in an ordinary building that does not have many facilities, and your neighbors are Turkish, and it will be less foreign to you. .

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House prices in Alanya, Turkey

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