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جرایم رانندگی ترکیه

List of driving offenses and their amount in Turkey

There are traffic laws in all countries, which in case of violation can result in fines and in special circumstances, imprisonment. Turkey also has clear laws in this field, in this article we want to tell you the list of driving crimes and the amounts of these crimes. Drunk driving (first time): 4064 Liro cancellation of driver's license for six months Drunk driving (second time): 5096 lira and...

رد درخواست اقامت توریستی ترکیه

Rejection of Turkish residency application

Rejection of Turkish residency application Due to the recent strictures of the Turkish Immigration Department, the residence files of many compatriots have been rejected. The question is, how should I file my complaint in this situation and what should we do to avoid getting into trouble? If the residence application is rejected, the applicant will have sixty days from the date of issuance of the letter to...

شرایط اقامت ترکیه با خرید ملک

Conditions of residence in Turkey with the purchase of property

Conditions of residence in Turkey with the purchase of property In this article, we are going to explain the conditions of staying in Turkey by buying property. In recent years, we have seen an increase in buying property in Turkey by Iranians. Many reasons have made Turkey attractive for living and investment and has distinguished this country from other European countries. Turkey is very important from...

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