List of driving offenses and their amount in Turkey

جرایم رانندگی ترکیه

There are traffic laws in all countries, which in case of violation can result in fines and in special circumstances, imprisonment. Turkey also has clear laws in this field, in this article we want to tell you the list of driving crimes and the amounts of these crimes.

Drunk driving (first time): 4064 Liro cancellation of driver’s license for six months

Drunk driving (second time): 5096 lira and cancellation of driver’s license for two years

Driving without a license plate: 5154 lira

Demonstration movements (drift): 20342 lira

Parking in the disabled area: 873 Lira

Driving without a license: 8190

Not wearing a seat belt: 436 Lira

Crossing the crosswalk: 4064 lira

Unauthorized speed (10 to 30 percent more): 951 lira

Unauthorized speed (30 to 50% more): 1979 Lear

Unauthorized speed over 50%: 4064 lira

Crossing the red light: 941 lira

Driving a vehicle without technical inspection: 951 lira

Changes in the license plate: 1671 lire

Using a mobile phone: 951 lira

Using a fake license plate: 20302 lire

Driving without insurance: 436 Lira

Driving under the influence of drugs: 20977 lira

Unauthorized overtaking: 951 lira

Failure to respect the right of way for pedestrians: 888 lira

List of driving offenses and their amount in Turkey

Some of the above crimes, in addition to fines, lead to the cancellation of the driver’s license and in certain circumstances lead to the imprisonment of the driver.

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