Buying a villa in Alanya

Buying a villa in Alanya

Buying a villa in Alanya, which is a beautiful coastal city, is very popular among foreigners, and there is a great demand for buying villas in this city, but contrary to what is thought, there are not many villas for sale in Alanya.

In this city, beach villas are very limited, although in Damlatash area and Alanya Castle, there are villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Alanya Pier, which are among the most expensive villas in the city. Other areas where there are luxury villas for purchase are Bektash and Tepe Alanya, which are located at a higher altitude than the city and have a very beautiful panoramic view of Alanya and the sea. Also, there are very modern and luxurious villa settlements in the Kargijak area. have.

Alanya city villas are mostly luxurious and located in villa settlements with full facilities.
Alanya is a popular tourist city and there is always a high demand for buying a villa in Alanya.
In any case, to buy a villa in Alanya, you should take advantage of the detailed advice provided by reputable real estate companies in Alanya to make a good and safe purchase.
Hello Home Company, with years of experience in real estate in Turkey and Alanya, is now ready to answer your questions about buying a villa in Alanya.
We have listed some of the villas in Alanya below, but keep in mind that there is not a list of all the villas available on the site.
Therefore, to get more information about the units available to buy a villa in Alanya, contact us via WhatsApp.

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