Special sales service

Special sales service

After consulting and knowing your purpose for buying a property and investing in Alanya, Hello Home’s team of consultants will offer you projects under construction, ready-made houses or second-hand houses according to your budget and taste. After choosing the property by the buyer, by presenting documents such as the translation of the passport into Turkish that is approved by the Turkish government, tax code, 2 photos of the buyer, the official report of the property expert and the seller’s documents, go to the Tapu office, which is responsible for preparing the documents. and a new document is requested to be prepared and transferred to the buyer’s name.

After transferring the transaction amount to the seller and paying all the legal fees for the transfer of the document, the seller and the buyer will go to the Tapu office and an official document will be issued in the name of the buyer. In all these stages, Hello Home’s consulting team will accompany you.

The sales services of Hello Home company are as follows:

  1. Round trip tickets for 2 people
  2. Coordination of transfer from the airport to the residence
  3. Coordination of accommodation
  4. Coordinating the chosen items and visiting them
  5. Negotiating with the seller or manufacturers to get a suitable deal
  6. Examining the conditions and condition of the selected property from the point of view of the property municipality and having the conditions to obtain residence
  7. Writing the contract in the presence of the company’s lawyer
  8. Preparation of documents required to obtain a real estate document, including translation of the desired documents, taking the time to transfer the document from the Tapu office, performing banking procedures…
  9. Getting a tax number
  10. opening a bank account
  11. Accompanying the buyer in electricity, water and insurance offices
  12. Cooperation to equip the purchased unit
  13. Renting the purchased unit at the buyer’s request

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