Pre-purchase a house in Alanya

Pre-purchase a house in Alanya

The pre-purchase of a house in Alanya is of great interest to buyers due to its good conditions both in terms of payment and investment, but you should pay attention to pre-purchase in a project that is built by reputable builders, and the best case is that You make your purchase in the first project price list that opens.

usually Pre-sale projects In Alanya, it takes about 2 years and you can become the owner by paying only 30% of the total amount of the contract and pay the rest in 2 years without any interest and this is a great opportunity for investment.

In addition, after 2 years, the price of your finished apartment will be much higher than the price you bought at the beginning of the project, and there will be a 30-50% increase in price.

In fact, when you buy an apartment in installments, you pay the installments at the same time as the project is completed.

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Below is a list of some ready-to-buy installment projects in Alanya for your further review.

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